Measuring Progress

Transparent Reporting on Government's Progress

This performance measurement website, also known as a dashboard, is a new way for the Manitoba government to organize and communicate performance measurement results. It represents government’s commitment to transparent reporting on provincial priorities, in a user-friendly way that ensures accountability and the delivery of results.

Why does improving outcomes matter?

The work of Manitoba’s public service is essential to the prosperity of our province. However, our current ways of providing programs and services are no longer effective for meeting the needs of Manitobans and achieving their identified outcomes.

We need to build a public service that is dynamic, innovative, effective, and ready for the future. One of the ways government will achieve this goal is by reporting on outcomes. This will provide transparent information about what government needs to achieve and demonstrate accountability to the public. Measuring performance will also ensure the work of the public service focuses on delivering the necessary results, and it will encourage Manitobans to engage with government to deliver outcomes that improve quality of life in Manitoba.

To learn more about Manitoba’s vision for the future of Manitoba’s public service, visit:

News Release February 28, 2018: Province Announces Vision for the Future of Manitoba’s Public Service

Bringing it all together: Manitoba’s strategy map

Manitoba’s strategy map communicates the high-level performance objectives it needs to focus on, to deliver value for the people of Manitoba. It showcases how the Manitoba government will deliver measurable progress that improves quality of life in our province and delivers the best results for taxpayers.

Learn more about Manitoba’s key priorities by viewing Manitoba’s strategy map.

Welcome to Manitoba Measuring Progress!

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