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Respect in the Workplace


Target: At least 70% agreement by March 2022

How we are doing now

The following initiatives have been put in place and are being planned to support the attainment of targets:

  1. Released an updated Respectful Workplace and Sexual Harassment policy and reporting guide, and making workshop training on Respect in the Workplace accessible to managers and employees.
  2. Implemented a new mandatory Building Respectful Workplaces: Foundations course that public servants are required to complete annually.
  3. Building capacity to deliver human resource services that support respectful workplaces and address respectful workplace concerns in a timely way.

How we measured

The results of the upcoming Employee Perspectives Program survey  will be compared with the baseline data gathered from the 2018 Employee Engagement Survey.

*Baseline survey questions are reviewed for reliability and relevancy on an annual basis.

How we are doing over time


Why This Matters

We are focused on ensuring that Manitoba public servants work in environments that are safe, respectful, and free of all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of physical or psychological harm. Safe workplaces enable our diverse workforce to contribute their perspectives and experiences, skills and talents, to meet the diverse needs of Manitobans.

Next steps

If targets are achieved (GREEN), targets will be increased and new indicators could be added.

If targets are not achieved but close (YELLOW), more resources will be allocated to areas where they are needed but we must also investigate the contributing factors in the measures in which we fell short.

If we will be far off from target (RED), re-evaluation of our data source, including the measures, will have to be done to eliminate possible subjectivity and multiple interpretation of the measures by data sources.

A new Public Service Act may have an effect on the measures.

Employee learning and development is undergoing a significant transformation. The Organization and Staff Development unit of the Civil Service Commission will be rebranded to function as a hub for training excellence across government.

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