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Advancing Treaty Land Entitlement

696K Acres

Target: Increased number of acres being transferred to Reserve with a target of 1.423 million acres. Annual target of approximately 30,000 acres over the current year, consistent with the multi-party strategic plan.

How we are doing now

Manitoba continues to make progress on the transfer of acres to Canada. Under all Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) agreements in Manitoba Entitlement First Nations (EFN) are able to select or acquire approximately 1.423 million acres of land.

As of March 31, 2021 under all TLE agreements in Manitoba, Manitoba has transferred 695,557 acres of land to Canada.

Manitoba is on target for the overall transfer of acres, but not on target for the year to transfer 30,000 acres.

How we measured

This measures the number of acres of land transferred from Manitoba to Canada to convert to Reserve under TLE. Progress is judged based on the number of acres transferred, compared to the total number of entitlement acres under all TLE agreements. Performance is measured based on the number of acres transferred to Canada.

How we are doing over time

The Manitoba government has transferred approximately 50,000 more acres in the last four years. The government has transferred 11,872 acres since September 2019. Although government is behind meeting the annual target of 30,000 acres, advancements continue for TLE selections and acquisitions.

Why This Matters

Transferring land meets our obligations under TLE. Additional land supports improve economic opportunities for First Nations in Manitoba, which in turn improves the quality of life for Indigenous Peoples, and results in economic spin offs for the province and all Manitobans.

Next steps

Manitoba government remains on target to meet our objectives and transfer more acres than previously transferred. Currently, Manitoba is not on target to meet the annual goal of 30,000 acres, however, additional time is required as government is anticipating a number of requests from Canada to transfer additional land for reserve creation.

The annual target of acres will adjust and change based on the all-party work plan developed with Canada, Manitoba and the Treaty Land Entitlement Committee to advance TLE in Manitoba. The target of 30,000 acres for this year does not change the ultimate goal to advance TLE lands and continue to transfer acres to Canada for Reserve creation.

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