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Grade 9 Credit Attainment in English Language Arts (ELA)


Target: The target for the Grade 9 Credit Attainment in ELA is at or above 93 per cent by 2024

How we are doing now

The Grade 9 Credit Attainment in English Language Arts (ELA) trend is increasing as we continue to move towards our target.

Data Source

Student marks are submitted by public, funded independent, institutional, and First Nations high schools. These marks are sent in an electronic format to Manitoba Education. This credit is required for students in English, Français, and French Immersion programs for a high school diploma in public and funded independent schools.

How we are doing over time

2016/17: 89.7%
2017/18: 89.5%
2018/19: 88.8%
2019/20: 90.0%

Why This Matters

Grade 9 credit attainment is a determinant of a student’s likelihood of successfully completing high school. Grade 9 is the first year in Manitoba schools when students must pass core courses toward earning their high school diploma.

Next steps

On March 15, 2021, the Manitoba government released the Commission on K-12 Education Report, Our Children’s Success: Manitoba’s Future and accepted the spirit and intent of the 75 recommendations contained in the report. The government also released the, Better Education Starts Today: Putting Students First, which outlines government’s vision and set of priority actions needed to ensure we are putting Manitoba students first and takes into account the learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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