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Grade 9 Credit Attainment in Mathematics


Target: The target for the Grade 9 Credit Attainment in Mathematics is at or above 92 per cent by 2024

How we are doing now

The Grade 9 Credit Attainment in Mathematics trend is increasing as we continue to move towards our target.

Data Source

Student marks are submitted by public, funded independent, institutional, and First Nations high schools. These marks are sent in an electronic format to Education and Early Childhood Learning. This credit is required for students in English, Français, and French Immersion programs for a high school diploma in public and funded independent schools.

How we are doing over time


Note: Includes students from public and funded independent schools as well as First Nations schools administered by Frontier School Division under educational agreements.


Why This Matters

Grade 9 credit attainment is a determinant of a student’s likelihood of successfully completing high school. Grade 9 is the first year in Manitoba schools when students must pass core courses toward earning their high school diploma.

Next steps

On April 20, 2022, the Manitoba government launched the Manitoba K to 12 Education Action Plan in response to the 75 recommendations of the Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education (March 2021). The Action Plan includes four pillars: high-quality learning; student engagement and well-being; excellence in teaching and leadership; and responsive systems, which work together to improve educational outcomes with student achievement and well-being at the center of all planning and decisions.

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