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Manitoba's Total Net Migration


Target: To be in the top three among the provinces based on rate per 1,000 population

How we are doing now

In 2020, Manitoba’s total net migration rate of -0.67 migrants per thousand population ranked eighth among provinces. The rate is the difference between the number of people coming into the province and the number of people leaving throughout the year. In the last year, Manitoba’s total net migration has been significantly impacted by reduced immigration levels due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Data Source

The formula for total net migration combines all the components of migration.

International migration + Interprovincial migration = Total net migration

Total net migration estimates are derived from Statistics Canada’s demographic estimates program. The source data are extracted from administrative files and derived from Statistics Canada surveys and other sources. A rate per thousand population is calculated by dividing the number of events for a specific time period, by the population at the mid-point of the period, then multiplying by 1,000. These rates allow for standardized comparisons across jurisdictions.

Total Net Migration, 2020

Total Net Migration

Rate per 1,000 population

Newfoundland and Labrador -2.77 0.67 -2.87
Prince Edward Island 24.66 22.04 7.23
Nova Scotia 12.32 14.29 5.28
New Brunswick 7.82 11.40 5.06
Quebec 9.64 10.98 1.40
Ontario 14.57 15.85 2.68
Manitoba 8.26 7.20 -0.67
Saskatchewan 5.41 5.21 -3.88
Alberta 8.22 10.66 2.61
British Columbia 14.78 15.69 3.96
Manitoba rank (out of 10 provinces) 6 8 8

Why This Matters

Total net migration combines the inflows and outflows of residents relocating between Manitoba and other provinces, territories and countries. An increase in the number of residents relocating out of the province can have a negative impact on population growth.

Next steps

The government will continue work to create conditions to improve quality of life and provide opportunities to reduce the amount of people leaving to other provinces.

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