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Number of Manitoba private sector business exits

1.17 Ratio

Target: To ensure our business entrants exceeds exits for private sector on annual basis

How we are doing now

On an annual basis, Manitoba has had more entrants than exits. In 2018, 4,980 private sector businesses entered into the Manitoba economy, while 4,260 exited, resulting in a ratio of 1.17.

Manitoba business in the private sector

A) Number of Active Businesses 37,580 37,860 38,240 38,860
B) Number of entrants 4,650 4,720 4,790 4,980
C) Number of exits 4,390 4,340 4,280 4,260
Entry rate (%) (B / A) 12.4 12.5 12.5 12.8
Exit rate (%) (C / A) 11.7 11.5 11.2 11.0
Ratio of business entrants to exits (B / C) 1.06 1.09 1.12 1.17

1Source: Statistics Canada, Table 33-10-0087

Data Source

The measure is derived from Statistics Canada’s Longitudinal Employment Analysis Program (LEAP) database that contains annual employment information for each employer business in Canada, starting with the 1983 reference year. The information in LEAP is generated from the annual statements of remuneration paid (T4 slips) that Canadian businesses are required to issue to their employees for tax purposes. LEAP covers incorporated and unincorporated businesses that issue at least one T4 slip in any given calendar year, but excludes self-employed individuals or partnerships where the participants do not draw salaries.

Why This Matters

The ratio can be used as performance measurement for private sector business entrants, relative to exits in the province.

Next steps

Historically, Manitoba has remained above 1.00 for private business entrants and exits. The target can be adjusted to be above the current ratio.

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