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Target: A positive amount of savings

How we are doing now

Progress has been made on decreasing the amount of taxes paid by Manitobans. Broad-based tax reductions are saving Manitobans money each year, including:

  • The indexation of the Basic Personal Amount and income tax brackets (since 2017)
  • The reduction in the sales tax rate from 8% to 7% (as of July 1, 2019)

As a result of these measures, Manitoba households are saving the estimated amounts noted in the table:

Annual average increase in tax savings to households

Annual Average Increase in Tax Savings to Households


Data Source

The average tax savings is determined by dividing the estimated cost to government of each tax reduction measure, as outlined in the annual provincial budgets, by the estimated 500,000 households in the province.

Why This Matters

Reducing taxes enables Manitobans to keep more of their money.

Next steps

Further tax savings will be implemented during the current mandate of government. This includes the continuation of Basic Personal Amount and the personal income tax brackets, further sales tax savings measures, and beginning the phasing out of education property taxes after the budget is balanced.

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