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Number of New Approaches to Delivering Services – Idea Fund Applications


Target: Increase the number of applications to the Idea Fund to 70 by the end of 2019/20 fiscal year.

How we are doing now

DepartmentTotal Approved Applications
Agriculture & Resource Development 8
Justice 24
Finance 16
Central Services 6
Families & Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corp. 11
Economic Development & Training 1
Conservation & Climate 1
Municipal Relations 4
Sport Culture & Heritage 1
Infrastructure 4
Civil Service Commission 6
Indigenous & Northern Relations 2
Health, Seniors & Active Living 16
Total Projects 100

Data Source

Numerical count of Idea Fund approved applications, as reported by government departments to Treasury Board Secretariat.

How we are doing over time

The chart of approved applications is updated quartely.

Why This Matters

The Idea Fund invests resources to support efficiencies and generate savings within the public service as part of the advancement of government’s Transforming the Public Service: A Strategy for Action. This Fund recognizes the good ideas coming from the civil service that drive innovation, improve engagement and generate savings for government.

Funding is available to government departments as well as other government organizations within the Health and Education sectors for projects and initiatives on an application basis. Approved projects must demonstrate a positive return on investment, with a payback period within four fiscal years (2019/20 to 2022/23).

Next steps

All government departments have been asked to submit five Idea Fund applications as part of government’s 100 Day Plan following the 2019 general election. The applications are at various stages of review and implementation as part of the total idea fund pool of applications.

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