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Number of Public Engagements


Target: To increase the number of Manitobans participating in government engagements by five percent in 2020

How we are doing now

Government is working to improve the quality of engagement with Manitobans, increase visibility and transparency of engagement initiatives and report outcomes back to the public.

Increasing visibility to ongoing engagement initiatives, improving internal engagement processes, using new tools and techniques for engagement and increasing transparency to show how public input was used for decision-making, will help lead to increased public participation in government engagement.

Data Source

Public participation measures the total number of Manitobans who take part in a government engagement initiative. This may include:

  • attending in-person workshops
  • completing online surveys
  • participating in telephone interviews, etc.

Government engagement invites Manitobans to share their views to inform government decisions.

Currently, our data source is very inconsistent. In the future, the Manitoba government will have an engagement portal to report on the number of responses to digital engagement tools. Additionally, future processes will support different ways for government to engage with the public, as well as the manual collection and reporting of the number of participants for all other types of engagement.

Why This Matters

Public engagement is an essential part of democratic government. Increasing the number of Manitobans who engage with government ensures everyone has input into the development of policies, programs and services.

Next steps

  • Government is adopting a centralized public engagement model that includes a portal, framework and investment in staff training. This model will give public servants the standards, tools, training and technology to establish high quality and consistent public engagement practices.
  • The launch of the public engagement portal was one of the items in government’s 100-day action plan. EngageMB provides a centralized, single point of entry for Manitobans to share their ideas, perspectives and preferences. It helps government to expand its reach to all Manitobans who have access to the Internet.
  • Since engagement projects are done on an as-needed basis, we don’t expect to be green consistently. Reporting on the measure will be done on an annual basis, or as engagements end. For that reason, the number of Manitobans participating in government engagement will not be consistent month over month. In many cases, government will simply need more time to hit the target if we land on yellow or red.
  • Government will monitor this measure’s target, and work with departments to ensure engagement outcomes meet objectives.
  • The measure and target may be adjusted in 2021.

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