Measuring Progress

Transparent Reporting on Government's Progress

Number of unique Manitoba government records added, for the first time, to Proactive Disclosure

Awaiting Data

Target: Increase the number of new unique records added to proactive disclosure by 10% annually

How we are doing now

This measure supports the “Be Transparent (open government)” objective by increasing the availability of government information for the public to:

  • Help them to better understand the workings of their government.
  • Inform Manitobans about the decisions government makes.
  • Provide an account of the activities and performance of the entire government and its public service.

Progress on this measure will support enhancing public engagement by enhancing transparency and accountability.

Data Source

Communication Services Manitoba (CSM) gathers and reports the data. CSM is responsible for publishing records in the Proactive Disclosure website.

How we are doing over time

Although records have been published and tracked centrally by CSM, the policy to increase the number of records published was recently announced and mandated under the 100-day action plan.

Why This Matters

This matters because it supports a government priority to enhance transparency and accountability.

Open Government focusses on improving service delivery for Manitobans by applying innovative, effective and sustainable tools with significant cost savings into the future.

Next steps

This target will be revisited after the first year of reporting, to ensure the expected target meets government priorities. The number may stabilize after the first year with no need to increase the target or potentially maintain same target.

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