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Reduce Number of Regulatory Requirements


Target: A 2.5 percent reduction of regulatory requirements across government departments and agencies

How we are doing now

As of March 31, 2021, the total number of regulatory requirements across the Manitoba government stood at 863,107.

How we are doing over time

Total Number of Regulatory Requirements across Government by Fiscal Years

The number of regulatory requirements since the baseline of April 1, 2016 was reduced by 10.3 per cent.

Data Source

Regulatory Requirement serves as the key performance indicator in reducing red tape as well as in promoting regulatory accountability. A regulatory requirement is an action or piece of information that is required to access provincial programs or services, carry on business, or meet legal responsibilities under provincial statute, regulation, policy or form.

Establishing the baseline as well as each fiscal year’s number of regulatory requirements in a regulatory instrument is a necessary step to monitor and measure changes made over time. This measurement also helps in identifying the administrative burden experienced by stakeholders in complying with provincial regulatory requirements.

Why This Matters

By reducing red tape, we eliminate regulatory requirements that are poor service, redundant, contradictory or obsolete, in order to streamline regulatory compliance and create a better experience for stakeholders. Reducing red tape for stakeholders strengthens the provincial economy, improves services for Manitobans and helps decrease costs for stakeholders and government. Manitoba’s efforts in regulatory accountability have received positive feedback and support from stakeholders.

Next steps

The government has introduced a uniform reduction target of 2.5 per cent for all departments and government agencies. Departments and government agencies have been encouraged to meet or exceed this reduction target. Adjustments may be made between departments and government agencies in achieving the overall reduction target. Progress to be made will be closely monitored and targets may be re-adjusted over time.

The current fiscal year has been impacted by COVID-19 global pandemic. The Manitoba government required timely and effective orders and regulations to deal with the adverse impacts of the pandemic. Such efforts are challenging departments and government agencies to meet reduction targets as staff and resources are diverted to respond to COVID’s impact on Manitoba.

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